Tokyo Story (S) (+intro)

Tokyo Story (S) (+intro)

Tokyo Story (S) (+intro)

  • Directed by Yasujirô Ozu
  • Starring Chieko Higashiyama, Chishu Ryu, Eijiro Tono, So Yamamura, Haruko Sugimura, Hisao Toake, Kuniko Miyake, Mitsuhiro Mori
  • JPN | 136mins | 1953 | rated (U)

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 2h 16m

The next chapter of our new ‘Reflections of Asia’ bi-monthly strand.

Every other month, we’ll select one East Asian title to be seen on the big screen.

Yasujirō Ozu’s masterpiece of age and family life finally arrives at the Odyssey.

Bored and lonely in retirement, Shūkichi and Tomi visit Tokyo to call on their large family, but hardly anyone in it has time or empathy to spare them, and their lives are running out. Through empathetic performances and Ozu’s calm, steady vision, cinematic trickery is abandoned for a slow, compassionate, and absorbing survey of lifelike people.

A post-war Japan torn between cultures is revealed, along with the small, awkward struggles and solitudes - particularly those relating to family - that spread beyond it. Numerous “Greatest Film” lists have honoured it for years, but the film’s power transcends hollow hype.

The film will be introduced by Dr Paul Sutton, who will stay for the end of the film for a post-screening discussion in the front-tier of the auditorium.