• Directed by Michael Sarnoski
  • Starring Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin
  • GBR | 91mins | 2021 | rated (15)

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 1h 31m

Nicolas Cage stars in this mysterious drama about a man who, after living in the wilderness, returns to Portland to find his beloved truffle-hunting pig that has been stolen.

In Michael Sarnoski's feature directorial debut, Rob (Cage) is a bearded and wild-looking man who removed himself from society to live in the wilderness, truffle hunting with his pig to survive. One night his beloved sow is stolen and Rob is forced to re-enter a bustling and overwhelming society to find the pig thief.

Widely heralded as Nicolas Cage's most magnificent performance in years, this beautifully shot film slowly unfolds to reveal a delicate, subtle and dramatic story about a man seeking retribution and dealing with past trauma.

Anyone who's been keeping faith with Cage, through all his career's snaking cul-de-sacs and mad escapades, has a tremendous reward in-store when they sit down to Pig. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.