Odyssey Cinema Sustainability

Here at The Odyssey we aspire to improve our environmental and green performance year on year.

We are continuously examining ways in which we can achieve energy savings, reduce wastage and improve our sustainability strategy, working towards NET Zero.

So far this year…

Seeds, sunflowers and sunshine…

We teamed up with Burston Garden Centre to raise awareness of how important our bees and pollination are. For each booking of the Bee Movie a packet of seeds will be given out on the day- all seeds kindly provided by Burston.

By sowing bee-friendly wildflowers in your garden or community space, you can build a habitat for our bees and other species, protecting pollinators. We have also purchased a children’s gardening set to run a giveaway. With this, we have also tied in our green efforts as we have started planting some bee friendly plants up on the roof near projection which we hope to see thrive and be able to expand on to make a little roof garden.

Travel Choices...

We have largely increased focus on encouraging greener travel- for both staff and patrons. Did you know we have bicycle rack directly outside? You can also pick up one of the many bus routes that have stops within the town centre and we are just a short walk away.  

Package It Up…

We are always revising our packaging, to ensure our decisions are the most efficient choice. With selling glass bottled products, offering reusable glasses and switching to paper straws we are already maximising our green efforts on the bar.

Did you know our sweet tubs and take-away coffee cups are all compostable? We dispose of all our compostable packaging with our food waste to ensure they are all composted- we’ve even increased the size of our compostable bins to fit larger items. You might be wondering if all our tubbed sweet labels are compostable too! We are currently working toward printing on biodegradable paper so every element is environmentally friendly.

I Scream, You Scream- We All Scream for Ice-cream…

We look at using local suppliers where possible, but any changes we make, we look into all suppliers environmental choices- check out one of our newest suppliers Marshfield’s Ice-cream who focus on the most sustainable practise across their farm and straight into their ice-cream.

Toilet talk… (For good reasons!)

We know it’s never nice to talk toilets… but we have good reason to (we promise!) We have recently made the switch to more environmentally friendly paper products in our toilets

Did you know by using sugarcane and bamboo for paper products it reduces the harvest time from 30 years of Oak, Maple, Pines and Firs trees, used for our regular products, down to 8-11 months?

Sugarcane is also a class C4 plant, which absorbs more carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Reuse, Recycling… Odyssey Style!

Want to do your bit for the environment? Embrace reuse and recycle and check out our new merchandise on your next visit!

Our water bottle, travel mug and tote bag (made from 100% recycled cotton!) is just a small way you can help reduce the amount of product packaging waste we create across the world (and in Odyssey style!).

To a Greener Future...

Although we know these are just small steps, we hope to continue to make the right steps. Consulting with staff and patrons we hope to take on feedback along our cinematic journey on how we can improve our environmental impact, and together work toward a greener future.