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Cinema Paradiso (1988) (Subtitled) (PG)

Cinema Paradiso (1988) (Subtitled)

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Sunday 25 Oct 202019:15 Book Now (Last Few Seats)

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 2hr 3m

With the sad news of Ennio Morricone’s passing, what better way to celebrate his incredible career than to revisit one of his greatest scores - Giuseppe Tornatore’s richly romantic coming-of-age story on the enduring power of film.

After hearing of an old friend’s death, an aging and isolated filmmaker returns to his bright and dusty Sicilian hometown and comes to remember how he fell in love with the movies.

As a young boy dubbed “Toto” lost in a family fractured by the recent Second World War and bored with the crusty Church which he serves at, the younger director is enraptured by the town’s cinema, and relentlessly badgers Alfredo, its projectionist, until he introduces him to the trade and its secrets.

As Toto grows up and takes over the business, both the fading Alfredo and the evolving cinema help him negotiate life and love, before he is forced to choose between his beloved home and his greater destiny.

It transcends boundaries of language and country, as this film - and its huge audience’s here-demonstrates.

Arrow Academy 4K restoration - Theatrical Cut