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Vortex (+intro) (15)

Vortex (+intro)

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Tuesday 21 Jun 202219:30 Book Now (Subtitled)

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 2h 22m

Language: French with subtitles

Part of the 'A Cinematic Odyssey: Postcards from Europe' strand.

The latest feature from Gaspar Noé is a tender and undeniably powerful exploration of loneliness and love.

Having debuted to widespread acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, it focuses on an elderly couple (played by Françoise Lebrun and Dario Argento) who spend their days in a Paris apartment. Both love and care for each other, but are grappling with the early stages of dementia.

As everyday tasks become more challenging, forgetfulness shifts to something more troubling and their son (Alex Lutz) struggles to care for them as they enter a vortex of mental and physical degeneration.

Compelling and moving in equal measure, this is a departure for Noé – but in terms of scope and ambition, it is one of his finest works to date.

The film will be introduced by Dr Paul Sutton, who will stay for the end of the film for a post-screening discussion in the auditorium.