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Operation Mincemeat (12A)

Operation Mincemeat

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Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 2h 8m

Colin Firth and a prestige cast bring a fascinating triumph of WWII spycraft to life.

After military successes in Africa, the Allies are determined to regain Sicily and start prying Europe from Hitler’s grasp -but the Axis armies present a strong obstacle. To solve this, a team of MI5 staff -led by lawyer-turned-volunteer Ewen Montagu and including a young Ian Fleming- meticulously disguise a tramp’s corpse as a Royal Marine, with a fake backstory and documents that, when recovered, should lead the enemy away from the invasion. Director John Madden (Miss Sloane, Shakespeare in Love), TV writer Michelle Ashford (The Pacific, Masters of Sex) and a first-rate cast don’t need to create artificial drama or intrigue: they revive a small, ingenious, and gripping part of Britain’s triumph by playing the facts with precision and care.