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A Fistful of Dynamite aka Duck You Sucker (+intro) (15)

A Fistful of Dynamite aka Duck You Sucker (+intro)

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Thursday 25 Nov 202119:30 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 2h 37m

Part of the 'A Cinematic Odyssey: Postcards from Europe' strand.

James Coburn and Rod Steiger's chemistry ignite the screen in Sergio Leone's epic western.

At the beginning of the Mexican Revolution in 1913, greedy bandit Juan Miranda (Rod Steiger) and idealist John H. Mallory (James Coburn), an Irish revolutionary and explosives expert on the lam from the British, fall in with a band of revolutionaries plotting to strike a national bank. When it turns out that the government has been using the bank as a hiding place for illegally detained political prisoners - who are freed by the blast - Miranda becomes a revolutionary hero against his will.

Originally, Leone had intended merely to produce the film, but due to artistic differences with original choice Peter Bogdanovich - who abandoned the film due to a perceived lack of control - he was replaced by Sam Peckinpah; only to then be turned down for financial reasons by United Artists. In the end, Leone stepped in as director - his final western.

Another vital part of the film is its music score by the great Ennio Morricone - this film was born for the big screen.

The film will be introduced by Dr Paul Sutton, who will stay for the end of the film for a post-screening discussion in the front-tier of the downstairs seating area.