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Boss Baby 2: Family Business (PG)

Boss Baby 2: Family Business

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Saturday 27 Nov 202113:00 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 1h 47m

Cute animation, funny jokes, and a strong family message make this a solid sequel with an all-ages appeal.

The Templeton brothers - Tim (James Marsden) and his Boss Baby little bro Ted (Alec Baldwin) - have become adults and drifted away from each other.

Tim and his wife, Carol (Eva Longoria), live in the suburbs with their super-smart 7-year-old daughter Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt), and adorable new infant Tina (Amy Sedaris).

Tabitha, who’s at the top her class, idolises her Uncle Ted and wants to become like him.

But when baby Tina reveals that she’s… a top-secret agent for BabyCorp - on a mission to uncover the dark secrets behind Tabitha’s school and its mysterious founder, Dr. Erwin Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum), it will reunite the Templeton brothers in unexpected ways, lead them to re-evaluate the meaning of family and discover what truly matters.