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The Holiday (2006) (12A)

The Holiday (2006)

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Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film run time: 2h 16m

Nancy Meyers’ leisurely feelgood rom-com with a big-name ensemble cast ticks all the transatlantic boxes.
Amanda (Cameron Diaz) an American woman and Iris (Kate Winslet) a Brit, swap houses for Christmas, both smarting from break-ups. While one gets Jude Law knocking on the door of a quaint Surrey cottage, the other finds Jack Black buzzing at the Hollywood mansion gates. With charming moments courtesy of a friendship between Iris (Winslet) and an ageing LA screenwriter Arthur (Eli Wallach) Meyers nods to a bygone era of cinema.
Modern cynicism has no place here: the script even makes a pre-emptive strike against criticisms when a happier Iris announces that she’s decided to embrace ‘corny’.
The romances, however, are handled with more precision and realism, and Law’s performance is a surprising stand-out (in his first romantic comedy). Unlike most holiday-themed movies, it encourages the viewer to take time for themselves, not just others. It's the ultimate self-care flick.