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Last Night In Soho (18)

Last Night In Soho

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Wednesday 9 Feb 202219:30 Book Now

Approx advert and trailer run time: 25 mins

Film runtime: 1h 56m

Edgar Wright’s sumptuously weird time-travel horror-comedy stars Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit) as Eloise, a fashion student who finds an escape from her life in a stressful, noisy, and aggressive central London.

Eloise finds her happy place when she slips back to the swinging ‘60s, where her identity merges with that of an aspiring singer, Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy). Among the glamour and decadence is Matt Smith as the handsome, smooth Jack. But maybe 60s Soho has a darker side, too.

Using a soundtrack of The Kinks, Walker Brothers, Cilla Black and Dusty Springfield to propel us on a hugely enjoyable, campy and stylish, yet genuinely scary path that also touches on mental health issues, sexual predators and the demons of creativity.

Last Night in Soho also features sterling performances from two ‘60s icons, Terence Stamp and the late Diana Rigg, in her final role.